Thursday, June 15

Sunny Singapore

Off to the 24/7 hot country. Sweaty and sunny even though rain season should have started. Don't even know how many times I've been here but can never seem to find any problems with this city!

The fantastic view from Level 33 brewery 
Cheers after a long hot day 
Stayed in a small design hotel the first 2 nights to check it out. The room was tiny but quite different. Bed don't look like much but it was sooo comfortable! Cyanid, Why? Happiness & Cyanide
Wonder sauna pants...hotel lobby had some funny design
 After a 8 km run in 35 degrees a light vegetarian meal 
 Lot of small street food stalls open late 
 Esplanade bridge
 National Museums lights up the night 
 Love these old traditional Singaporean houses 
 Going somewhere at Bugis 
 328 Katong Laksa was awesome! Even Gordon Ramsay came here! 

 Some magoes & sticky rice with milk ice cream 
 Had my first Nitro coffee and planning to have more in future, very good! 
Visited a dental clinic, a few implants...
 Amazing dinner at Ubin Seafood 
 6 am morning sunrise at the 38th floor. Good morning SG! 
 Architects dream to design here 
 Yes please 
 One of the busiest ports in the world 
 Evening 8 pm water laser show 
 Gorgeous Marina Bay by night 
 Merlion & Moonshine

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