Friday, June 16

Phuket Paradise

Thai market is up and running! Now promotions nation wide starting from Phuket!  Few days work at this beach island again. Could not have imagined 4 years ago when I just drifted around there that I would come here for work! Weather forecast was rain but instead it turned out to be sunny everyday. Here we go Phuket...

Arriving at the hotel was a nice surprise! 
Nice entrance 
Own beach at hotel. Made me really sad in the morning when running here seeing all the plastic garbage that had been washed in from the sea during the night. Don't LITTER! 
Out for a walk in Patong 
 Red purple wavy sunset 
 Seahorse bar 
Must have been a Predator fan :) 
 Like 1 or 2 ATM's isn't enough? Nope 
 Wat Phrathong with the sunken buddha 
 Sunken Buddha
Northern Thai temple style 
 Went to Phuket mining museum. Love these old 50s products
 Found something familiar...Can't believe that it's 13 years since I finished my military service. Was eating out of this for months back then. 
Didn't know that seashells were used as money before 
Had an evening full of lectures for BioGaia probiotics  

 One damn spicy dinner ahead 
 Thai delights as snacks made of coconuts 

 Lobster 4-ever 
 Headed out new morning again with this view from Pullman. Would have worked at the beach instead! 
Pullman was setting up the grill, this picture was HOT to take 
 Traditional Thai lunch 

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