Tuesday, June 6

Brotime in Tokyo

Haven't had anyone visting since last September, was great to have you here Jussi! We really squeezed in  a lot of program for 1 week ! Fun week we had Jussi!

Also went to Yayoi Kusama's massive exhibition. It was PACKED with people on the last showing day. They had her very early works for display as well, dark stuff. She really is something this person. 

Shine shine on the pumpkin 

 Exit where you get some spot stickers to use
 Night-run to Tokyo tower 

 Shinokane-dai temple 
 There is always that one guy who don't really fit in....
 First day with Jussi in Tokyo we went to Fuji-Q. Takes about 2 hours by bus, you will NOT find a theme-park with more awesome roller coasters. 
 Dead drop! This was a FAST ride! 
The Haunted House takes more than half an hour to pass and all zombies are real. That's right, they run after you 
Found a new friend and we were super unlucky with the rain 
 Lunch at Ichiran, ramen ramen ramen! 
 Game day! Raining outside so what's better than a few hours at Joy Police and Akihabara? 
Did a Virtual Reality Zombie shooting again. Super cool! First in the world to have it. Worth 1 hour of your time if ever in Tokyo! 
Old school Nintendo 8-bit games 
 Buy old consoles at Super Potato
 Some great sushi in Odaiba 
Liberty next to the Rainbow bridge in Odaiba 
 The night is young! Started with some beer at Good Beer Faucet, they have over 40 micro-brewed beers on the tap. Yum! 
 Robot Restaurant had renewed their show, even better now! Only 7th time I see it :D 
LAZER time 

Ongoing battle between good and evil...
Shows over, we head out into the night of Tokyo 
 Outdoor beer festival in Shinjuku....Can you spot something strange? 
 AgeHa, probably the best techno club in Tokyo. And close to our home! 

Disney Land Sea! We were lucky with weather because it was really a perfect day. BUT, it was so packed with people that we were not able to go to a single ride. Waiting 2 hours wasn't really an option...Always fun in Disney though 
 Disney Sea Bay, the volcano is a nice roller coaster ride 
 Indiana Jones himself 
 Tower of Terror 
 Wait time: 2 hours 30 minutes to Toy Story. Who does that??? 

 Maihama, stayed here a while just before getting my own flat in Tokyo. Nostalgic! 
 Sun sets over Disney, castle to the right 

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