Tuesday, September 13

Weekend trip to Taito-ku in Tokyo

Another Taifoon hit Tokyo making the river look like a mud pile. This was the 11th this year I think. More to come...
After the storm the night was so yellow! 
The station I pass everyday to work - Shinagawa
My Yoshinoya lunch stop. Veggies and salmon! Lost 8kg now in a short time by eating less meat and hardly drinking. The 5 - 10 km run every night helps too. 
We went to see Petz the movie, new cute little shrine by the mall
Went out to Taito-ku area, it's about 30 minutes up to the north of Tokyo. Loads of nice temples and old style Japan things. If I was a tourist in Japan I would def recommend to come out here for half a day! Nice street food too, and you can also just order an ice cold draft beer in the street and sit there enjoying in the sunshine. 

 Nezu Shrine 
 And of course the foreigners make great jokes :D 

Just like Kyoto, just a smaller version 

 Yum yum soba noodles 
 Walking street with food, drinks and shopping 
Love the entrance arches 
This part of the city is known for their cats, lot of cat lovers here...
 Crazy cat lady cafe 
Gorgeous buddha temple 
 Home dinner, new TV! And packing for the next trip, tomorrow off to Singapore

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