Thursday, September 15

Singapore Sling!

Time to fly back to that tiny piece of land which has been one of my absolute favourites for almost a decade already! Singapore here we come! The flight from Tokyo to Singapore is actually almost as long as flying Beijing - Helsinki. Without any time difference the flight don't feel too long though. 

So loving the lounges in Japan. Nice food, nice drinks, fast internet and cozy seats. Many are even equipped with massage chairs. Took my early morning work corner with some Ramen here. 
 Nice pink sky! 
 Some laksa, chicken wings & ice cold coconut at Maxwells street vendor market 
LOT of awesome streetfood here 
 Chinese celebrate mid-autumn now and streets have been nicely decorate 
 Beautiful old buildings in Outram 
 Gates to Buddha tooth relic 
 Booked a small boutique hotel this time, each room had a different design. This room had some kinda tentacles coming out of the walls. Charming 
 Started the first evening with a 12 kilometer run. So hot and humid, temperature 32! 
 Singapores Merlion
 Marina Bay Sands 
 Half of Singapore done in a night 
 Trippy light by the Asia museum 

 Art outside UBS building 
 You got mail, now can you find the right key? 
 Our products can be found in any Guardian store all over Singapore 
 Hindi temple 
 One of my favourite graffitis under the Clar Quay bridge 
Continues all the way, always differnt performance artists here
Center of party during weekend nights 
 Legendary Singapore Sling @ Raffles 
 Come and taste the original Sling at Long Bar, it's the same as it was 150 years ago. Same place, same taste. 
Every seat and table have unpeeled peanuts available, the shells are thrown on the floor just like in old time 
 Best view in Town from Levels 33 craft beer bar
 Gotta love Changi Airport 

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