Tuesday, June 21

Yonago, down to South West Japan

Had some lectures down in south western Japan in a city called Yonago. It's in the Tottori prefecture and is known for it's many hot springs. Was amazing to crawl up form the tatami in my room to a 45 degree hot bath early in the morning before suiting up. Love the Onsens (hot spring in Japanese).

The beaches in Yonago are kilometer long and totally empty. It's rainy season now so the weather wasn't really at it's best but at least it didn't pour down. This place would be amazing to come in when it's winter to sit in the hot bath while it's snowing outside.

The Izumo shrine is about 1 hour drive away from Yonago. It's the only (as far as I was told) shrine where you clap your hands 4 times instead of 2. The hand clapping is suppose to wake up the gods so they can listen to your prayers. Beautiful place!

Saw my own flat from the air when flying out of Haneda. It's the skyscraper that has a lot of green around it. 
Majestic Mount Fuji
Herro! Nice city mascot you have Yonago. 
One beautiful evening sunset

Miles and miles of beaches...empty
Took a 6 am morning walk around the hotel and found a shrine for pets

Silent Hill mist

Sea god? 
Not really sure what kinda shrimp these are?

Izumo-Taisha shrine  

Tie up your prayer after reading it
If the board can't fit your prayer, use the tree...
Buy a board and write some wishes on it

Gorgeous in the middle of the forest

One happy bronze cow
Rise! A Japanese version of the sea god 
Amazing shrine, must see if you are in Yonago area.
Got a very cool traditional Japanese room with Tatami bed
Eating an ice cold ice cream and watching the sunset after a 45 degree hot bath in the hotels own natural springs
Some dinner we had!
A work of art
Moments before the show begins
Our little BioGaia corner
Airport souvenirs look delicious....

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