Tuesday, June 28

Summertastic Tokyo

The early summer are just fantastic here! It's 25-28 degrees warm and so clear outside. I would probably not appreciate it this much if it wasn't for the China pollution I've been looking at and breathing the last decade. This city just keeps giving more and more awesome things :) 

Love our backyard 
During weekends the roads are closed in Ginza 
Love the McDonalds toys here 
Night and day from home with 180 degree view 

We went out to Kanda and had some craft beers in the sunshine

 Hede we are coming back here in September. This toy store had a bit of everything. 
 In case you want a realistic size Terminator head
 My regular lunch place next to school. Just another "salaryman" 
 This guy...Freaky statue that can be found all over Japan 
Time to head down to Singapore, tropical heat here we come! 

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