Sunday, November 17

Plastered 8 t-shirts @ Migas

The Swedish Young Professionals had an awesome speaker on their last event, Dominic Johnson-Hill from UK. He has been in China for the last 20 years and was voted to the top 20 most interesting foreigners in Beijing last year. He started making t-shirts out of Chinese texts. Anyone who has been in China knows that all stores, restaurants etc have a LOT of signs and characters plastered on them with some lame background. So Dominique's idea came from that to start making t-shirts with plastered texts on shirts with Beijing or Chinese characteristics. This turned out very well after his amazing marketing stunts. It was one of the best speakers I have ever heard! 

Dominique was thrown out of school when he was 17 because he had these following "problems". He himself calls them his superpowers :)
 First time in China back in 1993, Forbidden City
 Dom has also been voted as Britain's most successful entrepreneur and his t-shirt business has a turnover of over 3.000.000 RMB 

 Marketing by having the "town idiot" to wear the shirt and running around. Problem was that he didn't wash it for weeks after they gave him. 

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