Tuesday, November 5

Beijing on fire!!!

Coming home one evening by Gongti North road (almost opposite of Vics) there was a restaurant on fire. It was the worse rush hour and fire trucks were not able to move along the road. The fire spread really fast and the power-lines started to burn and sparks were flying everywhere. I decided that it was probably best to just leave because the smoke started to smell really bad and high voltage cables on fire can't be too good. Decided to go look at the place a few hours later and they were already rebuilding the place! There were at least 40 workers putting the whole shop together. Could not see a trace of the fire...Guess they want to keep everything under very strict control since there was the one "attack" of a car driving into Tiananmen square and blew up the other week. No real explanation was ever really given about that...Can't have bad publicity in Beijing, nooope!

 Sparks flying from the electric wires
 Burn burn burn

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