Wednesday, November 6

One Republic in Beijing

Loads of cool bands and DJ's have been in Beijing this year! Got 2 free tickets from work yesterday to go see One Republic, wish my little bro would have been there since I know it's one of his favorite bands. They did "Apologise" very well! Stadium was full of people even though tickets were about 100 euro each. This was their first gig in Beijing and there will probably be more later looking at how popular they were...

 After the gig we went to Elements and check out the new opened Vics. Chair is a copy of Alvar Aalto they have here! 
 The new Vics is completely different from the old one, it's mainly focused on tables does not have a huge dance floor like the old one. It was the first club I ever went to in Beijing back in 2007. Niko & Danes, it was an awesome trip with you!

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