Tuesday, September 24

Shock treatment & Rainy Beijing

After the amazing concert it's been raining constantly, and a LOT! The streets have been covered with water and little has been going on. Also, autumn came suddenly and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees in just a day and has stayed that way since last Thursday. Suddenly need a jacket and pants, that's one weird thing with Beijing. The summer arrives in a few days and autumn comes as fast. Really started to miss the warm south, Thailand, Singapore, Malay....On Sunday I'm luckily flying to south East Asia for a "vacation" again. 

They only had pink rain coating for bikes, very classy
Was introduced to a SPA owner when working in one of the clubs. Can come and go here for free anytime while I help to promote it. I got something really special for starters...
Volcanic water that has a twist of salt in it, suppose to be of limited supply and sells for over 4 euros a bottle
This was a bit freaky...
Electric massage or "shock" treatment. I told the owner that I just spent over 2 hours in the gym last night and that my muscles were sore, she said that the electric massage would help my muscles relax....ok, well let's try it then!
The electric massage felt really strange. It was like a tingling/vibration in the muscles. When adding more voltage it became a bit painful/uncomfortable. I can just imagine the horrors or electric torture that's being used, argh. In general it was quite a cool experience to feel your muscles twitch and move of their own will. I would not say that my muscles were less sore after the treatment but it sure was an interesting experience but I probably would not take it again, specially not if I'd have to pay the list price of about 100 euros. 
After the electrical massage I got an awesome 1 hour face treatment, fell asleep halfway and woke up really relaxed. Looking forward to go to this place later this week again :)
Some fruit while waiting for next massage
Parkview Green, located near The Place. A mall, office and design area with massive....eggs

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