Tuesday, September 3

One of the most beautiful summer weekends in Beijing

It's not often this pollution hit city enjoys real summer days when sky is clear and sun is shining from morning to evening! This weekend however was like that from Friday to Sunday. It's really like being home in Finland although it's a few degrees warmer, about 30. We went to Chaoyang parks "beach" and pool. I really wonder from how far away the white sand was brought from and how much there actually is of it. Must have been a massive project to build something like this in Beijing. The water was very clear and seemed clean too, the locker rooms however were AWFUL and the lockers so small you can't even put your motorbike helmet in them. 

 Picture looks like from a holiday brochure, who would think this is Beijing???
 Place wasn't too crowded either, probably because price for local people might seem high at 120 rmb entrance fee / person
 Chaoyang park
 180 degree view, notice the CCTV tower in the background to the right
 The "beach"
 Some Russian girls dancing as mermaids...
 and the prison locker room
Gongti, the usually very grey and hazy place
Sun setting over middle kingdom
just next to "The place". This place was also filmed in my TV Serie - Mitt Nya Land

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