Thursday, September 5

Burger & Drinks @ Elements VIP lounge

A new concept was tried, how would you like to have as much burgers, fries, pizza etc in a club while there is open bar at the same time? Well the answer in Beijing was "not very much". We had the event start at 20.00 and no one showed up before 21.30. And then it was only a handful of people even though it had been widely marketed on Beijing's all social websites. Guess it was just too early to come to a nightclub at 20.00. Here are some pictures of how it all went down 

Staircase down to Elements, so empty at just past 19 
 First time in a nightclub without music or people...

 Burgers in making @ shabby kitchen

 Yum yum, 600 burgers were prepared but only 200 made
Loads of mini pizzas were also made
VIP Lounge, one of the tackiest things I've seen...
  Whats up with the roof here...

 Food is served!! Pizza, Burgers, Chips, Fries

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