Friday, July 5

To Estonia by Eckerö

Going to Estonia by boat from Helsinki just takes 1-4 hours depending on which boat you take. The slowest but biggest one if Eckerö Line. Takes about 4 hours, tickets are only 30 Euro ish and tax free shop is big! Plus if it's good weather it's great to sit on the deck :) Boat leave morning 8.45 and comes back about 21, good way to spend a day off or weekend. 

Baltic Sea

Plenty of space on the deck
Tallinn ahoy!
 Welcome to Tallinn
 The old town dates back about a 1000 years, the old gates and many of the houses are still original remains
 Old town cathedral

 Houses here look much like the ones in Amsterdam with hooks to move goods upstairs before there were elevators
 Central Square

 The Russian Church
 Skyline view
 An old wine cellar from 1900 where they had wine tasting and history tour

 Bottles dating back 100 years

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érika said...

cool! i'm going there next month!