Wednesday, July 24

Tall Ships Races @ Helsinki

Once a year there is a Tall Ships Race set out for sail in European waters consisting of more than 100 huge ships designed "the old fashion way". The rule is that 50% of the crew has to be within the age of 15-25 years old to promote sailing for young people. Ships look great and it's a great chance for you who are young and want to go and experience something new. They set sail in Helsinki 17.7-20.7 this year and next stop was Latvia. 

The Russian replica of a ship from 1704

 Swedish Gothenburg fregat

 Suddenly the sky went dark and rain started pouring down, the light look sorta gloomy though

 Wonder how it is to sail with 5 masts

 The army's Jurmo boat with jet engines, use to spend a lot of time on it in the army when I was serving 9 months
 The western harbour of Helsinki

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