Friday, July 12

Archipelago - Pellinge

Midsummer, when the sun does not set. All these pictures have been taken in the archipelago of Pellinge, it's just about 1 hour drive outside Helsinki to the east. It's midsummer night. Went to Tunnholmen, on my way back the engine was suddenly out of gas. Worse thing was that my phone was also out of battery. Luckily got some help on an island I went to and dad came to bring more gas (at 5 am or so, thanks!!!) But the sunset and rise was truly beautiful...

 Bonfire @ Tunnholmen

 The moon is in the south, the sun in the north, both visible at the same time

 On the way back in the morning, loads of waves making the cameralens a bit wet
 Got some help from these people when own boat out of gas 

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