Tuesday, January 20

Last few days in Helsinki

Not many days left home anymore! Gotta make the best out of it even though the weather is awful. What better indoor sport than wall climbing! There is a huge new climbing center in Salmisaari, just center of the city. Was awesome! They have the highest walls in North Europe, many floors. Even Spide-Man would approve of this place. 

Chem having a good laugh at my climbing style. Thanks Hede for fixing it up and cameraman Mona who helped Chem take a selfie :) 
Some climbing without safety rope 
It's a long way up 
Push your limits and climb this 
Going up 
 The Uspenski Cathedral 
and from inside....
 Market Square by the harbour
 The new Skywheel! It came from nowhere, wasn't here in the summer 
One of the only clear days this week, sunlight! 

 Helsinki Zoo, all the way back from 1867

 It became white for a few days

Helsinki Cathedral
Personal Jesus

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