Wednesday, January 7

Beelitzer Heilstätten - Abandoned hospital

The Beelitzer Heilstätten was build in the end of 1890s as a tuberculosis hospital. It's located by car about 1 hour outside the city centre. Reason for this being so the patiences would have fresh air and be able to relax away from the busy city while the get better. The hospital was abandoned in 1930 and since then there has not been much going on. It is now mVERY much like the real life Silent Hill. It is actually "not" allowed to visit it. There are fences around it and also guards patrolling now and then around it. Also a dog living and guarding it. We managed to sneak past the fence and also get in unnoticed. Good job us! We went to 5 different villas, the last one was the biggest, must have been about 100 meters long. There was no entry place on the last one, all windows and doors were barred. Solution that? I pulled up one of the planks at the main door and in we go...Watch the horrors come to life! This is a must visit if you are in Berlin! It's possible to take the train but we just rented a car and I drove here. There were from time creepy sounds in the house but I found out that it was only raindrops from the melting snow. Just found a few articles where people saying this is one of the creepiest places in the world. Go enjoy :) 

The first villa we went to
Last villa: statue of a Soviet soldier 
Last villa: 2 massive porches. Good for BBQ right? :)
 One of the last rooms we went to...had a piano

 Up on the attic 
 Look at the paint, this IS how silent hill looks like 
 Some of the windows had been coloured
 Imagine walking in hallways like this
 must have been a gorgeous place 100 years ago
 Going down into a world of madness. Song in my head when walking down: here
 Just about to enter the main hall in the first villa 
 ...and someone left a bed here
 Sure knew how to make windows before 
 Toilets in first villa
 Attic in second villa 
 Can see a faint face in the picture...
 Found a basement door, time to sneak into the darkness

 Many of the rooms were huge in the last villa
 Yepp, scary 
 Main chapel in the last villa, massive 

 Only kitchen sink left from the kitchen 
A video I took, stupid of me to keep the phone straight while filming, didn't think about the wide screen function. But gives you and idea of how it looked...Other video with GoPro

Villa 5
Villa 1, the hall and corridors 

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