Thursday, August 29

Back to the EAST! Beijiiiiiing!

2.5 months since I came to Finland, now its time to go back to the east and look for new challenges and opportunities. It's been so relaxing and great to see many old friends and relatives, haven't been this long home since 2008...Thank you Mom & Dad for taking care of everything!

The trip back was about 30 hours long. First Helsinki - Amsterdam with a 3h transfer time. Then Amsterdam - Hong Kong with 10 hour transfer time, giving me enough time to go out of the airport and see the city. Then Hong Kong - Beijing with a delayed flight....When arriving in Beijing after sleeping around 2 hours I was a real wreck.

Amsterdam cheese, one of the best kinds! 
They dont give stamps at Hong Kong airport anymore, just a little paper piece. If I took it off no one would know I ever came in...Is this thing because of Edward Snowden when he was sheltered here and more might show up?
One of those really misty Hong Kong days, could not see the ground from the plane before it was 10 seconds from landing. Was too exhausted and tired to take anymore photos of the city...

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