Thursday, August 29

A weekend to Shanghai - Whiskey Expo!

Loads of things happening in Shanghai so that's where I'm headed next. After sleeping the jet-lag away 2 days it's time to hop on the speed train again and go south 1300 km. Lately almost ALL the flights from Beijing airport have been late so taking the 5 hour bullet train is about the same as flying. Besides the 3G work well and most seats have a charger for laptop. And price, only 555 rmb one way. 

Hazy and polluted most of the way between Beijing and Shanghai. I really wonder how healthy can it be to eat what is grown on these fields when the air constantly looks like this...?
 Moving 300km/h
 Weird sculptures on the way, someone had too much time....
 Shanghai's annual whiskey exhibition!

 Exhibition was held in Royal Meridien. Got us in for free !
 These are all the brands you can try here, almost everyone of them are single malt ageing 8, 12 or 15 years
 One of the better ones 

 Also gotta try new stuff...

 Japanese whiskey was not good

 Probably the most popular in Chinese clubs, Chivas Regal

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